Aquarium Specialty Works

Our Turnkey Project Approach

As a part of our turnkey process, we provide comprehensive specialty services that are necessary to get your project up and running. Because of a wide variety of past projects, our team is the leading expert in themed attraction and aquarium specialty works. ICM can customize these services to fit your specific needs.

Phase 01

desgn and engineering

Idea Creation

Client’s Vision
3D Visuals

Schematic design & Development

Spatial Planning
Exhibit Planning

Specialty Engineering
another line

BIM Modeling
Detailed Engineering

Phase 02



Tender Process
Bid Evaluation


LSS Fabrication
Acrylic Fabrication
Civil Works

Site Works

Acrylic Installation
On-site Project
LSS Installation

Phase 03

Operations and Development

Animal Sourcing

Animal Quarantine


Back of House Operations
Water Preparation

Branding / CommercializatioN

Logo & Brand Development

Aquarium Specialty Works

Idea Creation


Each project is a collaborative exploration with our clients, seeking innovative design solutions. We embrace a wide range of influences in our approach, finding inspiration in the details of your history, geography, and culture.


We then morph this inspiration into a one-of-a-kind experience. Our goal is to imagine new possibilities for human interaction and experience.


Using our proven Turnkey Process approach and an overwhelming desire to push the limits, our talented designers and engineers create unique destinations that defy expectations. ICM’s experienced development team works with investors, planners, architects, developers, and municipalities to synthesize a realistic vision for all stakeholders.

Schematic Design & Development


Building an innovative destination begins with a vision. Clients come to us seeking design solutions for their ideas – whether an iconic aquarium for a retail enterprise or a city’s new oceanarium, ICM’s network of world-class architects, engineers, and graphic designers will push the boundaries of creativity and imagination to create an unparalleled visitor experience.

ICM’s schematic designs bring client’s ideas to life and help visualize what is possible. Let us design your next project.

Specialty Engineering


Our construction drawings are more than just blueprints, they detail every step of the building process – from cost estimating to energy consumption.


Our specialty engineering services foster sound and efficient aquariums. We use the latest technologies, such as BIM modeling, from inception to completion to ensure every step is accounted for.




Building-themed and attraction based projects from design to completion is a unique industry that requires a highly skilled team. With a wide variety of past projects, our team has solidified itself as the industry leader in construction management.


Combined with the expertise of our Design & Engineering division, ICM’s team of well-established construction experts completes state-of-the-art projects for high profile clients around the world.



Our established relationships with the globe’s leading manufacturing and supplier firms allow us for sourcing high-quality, competitively priced materials during the procurement process. Our focus is on utilizing the best techniques possible to ensure projects flow seamlessly through the construction and installation stages.


ICM’s turnkey approach allows us to build aquariums and themed attractions that leverage resources efficiently and reduce operational costs, which result in highly effective outcomes.

Site Works


ICM construction is the leading expert in the coordination and execution of on-site and prefabricated techniques coupled with proven international sourcing and logistics.


ICM’s on-site protocol results in successful projects commonly deemed impossible. We understand the rigorous requirements to complete construction within budget, on time and built to the highest global standards.

Operations and development

Animal Sourcing


Where we choose to procure the inhabitants within our
projects is an important decision. Our team always practices sustainable collection, using an alliance of only the best and most secure partners. We have a network that spans the globe, ensuring our clients get the best.


ICM pre-plans every step of the way to ensure the collection, holding, shipping, customs clearance and final transport are
all smooth — and our on-site protocol is some of the strictest in
the industry.



With over 40 years of experience, our diverse team of back of house experts, including: aquarists, curators, biologists, and aquarium managers have developed the ability to maintain top quality facilities and provide our animals with care that is second to none.



Once you have an aquarium or themed attraction, driving attendance and revenue is key. ICM’s marketing and branding efforts can assist in the design and establishment of the brand — including naming and logo design — advertising, merchandising, online communications, sales operations, event sales, and corporate partnerships.


With a proven track record for assessing and leveraging audience insight to drive brand awareness and experience, we understand the needs of marketing and merchandising a world-class venue.