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At International Concept Management (ICM), we create unique destinations that inspire, educate, and entertain. ICM is a leading firm with broad capabilities and services ranging from design and engineering, construction management, operations, and development; specifically focused on the themed attraction and aquarium industry. Our outstanding aquarium design pushes the boundaries of creativity and includes the world’s most iconic mega fish tanks and oceanariums in public, institutional and commercial settings.

Our Work


From the World’s tallest cylindrical aquarium in Russia to a brand new eco park and aquarium in Siem Reap, Cambodia, ICM has the capability to build the unthinkable and the passion to redefine entertainment. With over 75 years of combined experience in the field of oceanariums, our team has the experience to turn any drawing or sketch into the oceanarium of your dreams.

Exciting New Projects

more than 100 projects in 25+ countries

Whether it’s a five-star spa in Greece or the largest aquarium in the Southern Hemisphere, ICM creativity stands behind some of the world’s most incredible environments.

Some of our specialty services:

+ Turnkey Aquarium Delivery
+ Life Support Systems
+ Exhibitry Theming
+ Specialty Lighting Systems
+ Interactive Technology
+ Animal Encounters


Global Headquarters
7/F Cheung Hing Commercial Building,
37-43 Cochrane Street,

Central, Hong Kong
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Our Divisions

Create • Inspire • Learn 


design & engineering

At ICM Design & Engineering, our team pushes the boundaries of creativity to produce impressive living art through interaction, education, and entertainment. ICM’s team of architects, engineers, and graphic designers leverage the latest in aquarium design and engineering so that our designs virtually eliminate boundaries, creating views that inspire awe among visitors, turn venues into destinations, and add value for their owners.



ICM Construction is a leading construction firm operating within niche markets of themed and attraction based projects. With the capabilities of our Asia-based Design & Engineering Division and a team of the world’s leading aquarium construction experts, ICM Construction is able to execute designs once deemed impossible and complete state-of-the-art projects for high profile clients around the globe.


operations & Development

ICM Operations & Development owns and operates multiple themed attractions and aquariums worldwide. ICM Development strives to educate while we entertain, and inspire while we provide our guests with a memorable experience. As a part of ICM’s turnkey approach, we also offer ongoing operation services. ICM’s involvement in the operations of a project helps to ensure the protection of the creatures that live within.

Ready to build your adventure destination?

“Imagining new possibilities for interaction and experience between people, places, spaces, aquatic life, and animals.”

latest news + Media

Nature never ceases to amaze us! Discover the amazing Garnai Fish, a unique species that can swim, walk on land, and even fly short distances. 🐟✨ #GarnaiFish #AmazingSpecies #NatureWonder ...

Explore the fascinating world of fish and their unique anatomy - did you know they never close their eyes, even when they sleep? ...

ICM Corporation is proud to have designed the breathtaking oval-shaped reflecting pool at the award-winning Six Senses Spa, located in the exclusive five-star Porto Elounda De Luxe Resort. With stunning views of the Aegean Sea and Greece's picturesque coast, the Six Senses Spa is the ultimate destination for relaxation and rejuvenation.

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Enhancing the spectacular ambiance, are three breathtaking aquariums designed and built by ICM. The largest aquarium the Burj-Al-Arab Hotel Aquarium measures 13 meters long by 7.5 meters wide, is a stunning shark tank located in the hotel’s world-class restaurant ...

Don't be fooled by its beauty! The Foxface fish is a master of defense with venomous spikes and the ability to change color when stressed or threatened.
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Get your salinity levels just right for a healthy and thriving saltwater aquarium! The ideal range is 35kg per cubic meter of freshwater to get to the proper salinity level!
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Even before it was cool, Betta Fish have been masters of social distancing!

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Experience the Magic of Immersive and Innovative Themed Attractions and Aquariums with ICM - The Experts in Wildlife Conservation, Education, and Modern Design since 1995!

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ICM's Newest Project - The Angkor Wildlife and Aquarium: Where Wildlife Conservation Meets Modern Design for a Truly Unforgettable Experience!

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We are celebrating the New Year with a big hug!

Happy New Year from our family to yours! May you have a blessed 2022.

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With less than a week to go for all of your Christmas shopping, are you ready?? Do you have any last minute shopping items on your list? Wouldn’t it be nice to see one of our amazing aquariums in your mall! Aquariums are always the best place to visit with your friends and family over the holiday.

Tell us what’s your favorite aquarium on the comment section and share your thoughts with your friends and family.

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Crocodiles are deemed the most feared animal on the planet due to their powerful jaws, aggressiveness and size.

But do you know, they are the 'ultimate survivors'! They have outlived the dinosaur and many other any species! Here are some 10 interesting facts about the Siamese Crocodiles.

In Cambodia, Angkor Wildlife and Aquarium will help work towards safe and sustainable wild crocodile populations. Contact us if you want to know more :

• Siamese Crocodiles are considered “Critically Endangered” on the Red List of threatened species by IUCN. There are thought to be around 250 left in the wild.
• They were thought to be an extinct species until they were rediscovered living isolated in the Cardamom Mountain range in Cambodia.
• There are around 1 million “Siamese” crocodiles in captivity but many are actually hybrid species and the pure species are still very rare
• They are a medium species of Crocodile rarely exceeding 3.5 metres long.
• In the wild they are extremely secretive and only feed on small animals such as fish, lizards, snakes and some small mammals.
• They lay between 11-27 eggs in a nest that they build from sand, soil and leaves.
• Female crocodiles defend their nests fiercely until the baby crocodiles emerge.
• Female crocodiles are known to gently crack open the eggs to help babies hatch and also gently carry them to the water where they will protect them from any predators.
• The baby crocodiles emit a warning cry to summon the mother if they are in danger, this call is extremely cute!
• Crocodiles evolved on earth more than 200 million years ago, many species face threats of extinction from human interference. In Cambodia, AWA will help work towards safe and sustainable wild crocodile populations.

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It’s a season❄️ of togetherness, joy, and appreciation.

Marine life provides endless benefits to us from educational to recreational purposes.

Simply thankful for countless gifts our ocean🌊 that offers us each and every day.

Happy Thanksgiving Day!

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We’re thrilled to announce the official opening of Sincere Sea Star Aquarium at the Chongqing, China.

The new exhibits are designed, built and maintained by us!

Come explore one-of-a-kind exhibits and over 1200 underwater marine animals, including Rays, Sharks, and expertly designed underwater reef!

The 360-degree viewing acrylic panel is ideal for visitors to enjoy an immersive marine experience at a very closed distance.

Follow us and learn more about the projects in coming weeks!

Need advice regarding commercial aquarium? Talk to us! (Link in bio)

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Let's re-imagine the best retail experience to keep your shoppers returning.

To survive the new online shopping habit, investors need to reinvent the shopping experience. What better way to do that than with a stunning, public aquarium that will engage shoppers and keep them returning

Our experience in the business makes us the best partner to have for a project like this. Let's design and build an aquarium once deemed impossible, together!

Download our Project Portofilo for FREE!

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The Green Iguana Iguana iguana.

We are very pleased to be able to re-home this guy who keeps amazing us with his relaxed personality and has a particular good relationship with his keepers. He is often seen climbing onto his keepers in order to get to food or a good scratch!!

Did you know

▶Green Iguana can grow to 2 metres in length and weigh 8kg, making it one of the largest of all Iguanas.
▶To defend themselves they will first whip an intruder with their very long tail, if that doesn’t work, they will bite causing very nasty injuries.
▶Male Iguanas are very territorial and will fight other males.
▶To attract a female the males will use a flap under the neck to signal their interest.
▶They live almost exclusively in the tree tops.
▶The diet in the wild mainly consists of leaves and some fruit.
▶Here at AAK he is provided with natural leaf foliage and supplemented with a mix of fruit and vegetables.
▶In the wild this species can be found from southern Brazil, Paraguay and as far north as Mexico.
▶They have been introduced into some of the Caribbean Islands, where they can outcompete and hybridise with other Iguana species causing some considerable conservation problems.
▶This is an important lesson as we must keep such species from entering the natural biodiversity of Cambodia.

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5 simple fun facts about aqua life and aquariums

Are you an aquatic lover🐬? Do you dream about your next aquarium visit?

Before planning that next visit, let’s find out 5 interesting facts that you probably have never heard of!

1. The smallest aquarium in the world – The smallest is 30 x 24 x 14 (mm) and it contains baby fish.
2. A shark can be a helpful midwife - In 2009, one shark was found to help another shark for giving birth at Auckland, New Zealand aquarium in 2009. The helpful shark helped bit the abdomen of the female shark to free the pups inside.
3. A shark opened its mouth and revealed a murder mystery with a human arm inside! – In 1935, a tiger shark was rescued and transferred an Aquarium in Sydney Australia. Within a week, he vomited a hand in a public display. The limb was a clean cut. The police looked into the case and found out he killed himself and later fell into the sea. It was thought that the tiger shark swallowed the limb accidentally.
4. Aquarium in Space – There is a fish friendly facility for the International Space Station. The habitat is a closed-water circulatory system. It provides a new facility option for station research
5. The tallest cylinder aquarium in the world - The Oceania Mall in Moscow, Russia is home to the tallest cylindrical aquarium in the world, which was designed and built by ICM group, with the acrylic measuring at a staggering height of 23 meters and a diameter of 6 meters.

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To survive in the digital age, malls or shopping centre should re-invent themselves.

An Innovative mall with an iconic aquarium can add a sense of novelty to the mall offering, and go toward a broadened value proposition for shoppers.

🔽Download our Project Portfolio for FREE!

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Our Chinese investor enlisted a mesmerizing sea experience and dazzling mermaids in his retail mall, attracting more shoppers to stores.

The new mega aquarium craze hits the new mall at Starlight 68, in Chongqing, China!

Shoppers in China love to see various, eye catching exhibits and take stunning selfies to post on social media. Visiting themed-attractions has become a lifestyle and a popular form of entertainment for the younger generation in China.

In recent years shopping malls have decided to entertain their guest and entice more shoppers to visit their locations by adding a beautiful living aquarium to their malls. At ICM, we help our clients to differentiate the shopping experience by building these mega aquarium. With this new exhibit, Starlight 68 can create strong motivation for shoppers to visit the mall and experience amazing underwater shows, live feedings and of course the ever popular selfies!

If you want to know more about how we helped our client in China, talk to us!

📲Link in Bio👆

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#LargeCommericalAquarium #Oceanariums
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They are non-venomous.
They are great moms!
They can go for long periods of time without eating!

What are they? They are Burmese Python🐍. This snake is much more than a terrifying creature, they are excellent companions and beautiful creatures.

Let’s check out their fun facts!

• The Burmese Python is one of the largest snakes in Southeast Asia growing up to 7.5 metres and weighing up to 90kg, with a huge range including all of Cambodia in a variety of habitats.
• Like all pythons it is a powerful constrictor, meaning it kills its prey by wrapping around and tightly squeezing it until breathing and blood flow are stopped before swallowing large prey items whole.
• The Burmese Python does not possess any venom.
• This species is considered vulnerable by IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature). The main threat being it is harvested in large numbers for meat and its skin for use in the leather industry.
• Like all pythons it lays eggs (12-35 on average but over 100 has been recorded) which it wraps around to protect them and maintain a steady incubation temperature until the babies’ hatch (60-90 days) In this time she will not leave the eggs to eat.
• Did you know Burmese Pythons can go without food for large periods of time in which their metabolism is slowed so much that some internal organs begin to shrink to a tiny size. This is to cover hot and dry periods where food may not be available. When feeding resumes some organs such as the heart, liver and small intestines can regenerate from 40-100% in mass. This is the largest post feeding regeneration by any snake species.
• The Burmese Python can also live for up to 25-28 years.

At Angkor Wildlife and Aquarium, we currently have 6 individuals, our largest female weighing 35kg.

All of our Burmese Pythons were rescued from a dilapidated animal collection that was closing down.

Want to visit them? Follow us and stay tuned for the latest Angkor Wildlife and Aquarium!

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