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How does ICM create Cylinder Aquariums?

Our company receives worldwide requests from the most important and unique investors around the globe to design for them the most challenging type of tank, a Cylinder. With this masterpiece they can become even a tourist destination at their cities or the most attractive development of the country for the retail businesses.

These large size iconic tanks have been developed by ICM experts over the last +15 years around the globe with the most successful results and generating the most iconic images of commercial spaces. ICM managed to build the largest, tallest and the widest cylinders tanks in the world. Due to their impressive size and water pressure limitations the species to be displayed must be carefully selected. The animals and even divers become immediately an attraction and to have a healthy aquatic environment of these large pieces very detailed and special operations and maintenance work has to be done. These types of projects are usually inside of larger indoor developments, and they have to be carefully planned by our management team to facilitate the construction works of the shell building.

Please note this project type can be taken as an investment opportunity and partnership between your company and ICM. ICM’s involvement in a public aquarium turnkey process helps to ensure the protection of the client’s investment and the creatures that live within.


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