Innovative Design, Sustainable Practices: How ICM Champions Ocean Conservation

International Concept Management (ICM) is renowned for its innovative and sustainable public aquarium and themed attraction projects worldwide. Operating on the principles of conservation and sustainability, ICM prioritizes the Global Goals in all its activities, through every stage of delivery and aligns itself with many of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals – guided especially by Goals 4 (Quality Education), 6 (Clean Water & Sanitation), 7 (Affordable & Clean Energy), 9 (Industry, Innovation & Infrastructure), 13 (Climate Action) and 14 (Life Below Water).

How ICM Champions Ocean Conservation

Commitment to Ocean Conservation

ICM integrates sustainable practices throughout each and every project development phase. From the initial concept and design to commissioning and operations, ICM curates, stocks and maintains livestock from exclusively responsible, reputable, transparent and sustainable animal providers and producers and further extends through its captive breeding development programmes and support for in-situ conservation, rehabilitation and release projects.

Delivering high-standard living exhibitions, committed to representing natural habitats and their ecosystems, ICM projects promote marine conservation and biodiversity by bringing charismatic and inspiring species and their represented environments to domestic and international urban demographics often unfamiliar with such natural wonders – increasing awareness, captivating and engaging public and private audiences and providing them a gateway to consumer change and conservation activism.

Commitment to Ocean Conservation​

Source: AB Baltic Mega Mall

Eco-friendly Design and Construction

 ICM’s design philosophy centers on minimizing environmental impact and extends through to its construction delivery and operational activities. ICM implements cutting-edge techniques to reduce site energy consumption and waste production by integrating renewable energies and refined water handling systems. 

E.g. ICM Aquarium’s water handling systems operate at peak efficiencies to maximize water reclamation and reusability and surpass the most stringent environmental assessment discharge criteria through sophisticated filtration design and technologies. 

Eco-friendly Design and Construction​

Source: Avia Park Mall

Education and Awareness

ICM projects serve as educational platforms for all audiences. By incorporating unique and pioneering interactive elements and informative displays, guest engagement is maximized and facilitates a greater appreciation for the marine environment and the species that inhabit them. ICM appreciates the necessity for public understanding to deliver change for the better and so seeks to educate through engagement and inspire through showcasing livestock in pristine condition and in an appropriate exhibit environment. 

Education and Awareness​

Source: Hamad Port Aquarium


Through its commitment to working with the natural environment and local communities, continuously innovating on established techniques and systems, ICM exemplifies how businesses can achieve many Sustainable Development Goals from those published by the UN.

ICM’s design, research collaborations, construction delivery, education and sustainable tourism practices ensure a consistent narrative for our clients and its audiences – demonstrating that conservation, sustainability, respect and appreciation for the environment at its foundation propagates authentically and impacts fully in the final product for all.