Aquariums: Engineering, Architecture, & Design


International Concept Management constructs, designs, and engineers large scale aquariums, with environmental safety in mind. When it comes to life support systems for aquariums, ICM uses the highest quality of technology available. Aquarium life support systems from International Concept Management are designed to be energy efficient and safe for the environment. Providing optimal water quality through life support systems is one of the most important investments when it comes to owning an aquarium.

Types of Aquariums

What are Aquariums

Aquariums or aquaria are receptacles designed to maintain aquatic life. The majority of species kept in aquariums are fin fishes. These type of fish include ones that are bony like an angelfish or cartilaginous fish, such as sharks. Several other types of aquatic life can be kept in aquariums as well.


Most people will never be able to witness the amazing world hidden within the sea. Public aquariums are an amazing way to make getting a glimpse of that world accessible. Most public aquariums are built as a way to create exhibits for attraction and educational observation. They provide a chance for people to study and see that aquatic life they might never have had a chance to see first-hand.

Educational tour of aquariums and aquatic life

In Wall Aquariums

In wall aquariums are the closest to a residential or home aquarium, except when our engineering and design team build them, they’re on a much grander scale. In-wall aquariums or oceanariums are a great way to make a whole room glow with the blue hues of the ocean and view ocean life. 

Design Plan for Campo Grande Aquarium

Cylinder aquariums

Traditional aquariums are usually flat viewing windows, in a square or rectangular shape. Cylinder aquariums provide a new, almost 360 experience when it comes to the way you can view aquatic life. 

Cylindrical aquariums are usually found in public venues or premium spaces. 

Tunnel Aquariums

To really help provide visitors a true undersea experience, ICM has designed several acrylic tunnel systems for commercial public aquariums. This types of engineering gives customers the chance to be safely surrounded by sea life.


Custom Aquariums

Not all aquariums have to have a specific shape. If our clients have a need or vision for an archway or shape, our engineers can work out how to make sure it not only works but is also safe for the aquatic life inhabiting the custom aquarium structure. 

Water used in Aquariums

Not all water is created equally. That means depending on the species one is wanting to put in a commercial or public aquarium, the type of water needs to be taken into account, as well as, setting up the correct aquarium system to maintain that environment.

Saltwater aquariums

Otherwise known as marine aquariums, saltwater aquariums are designed to keep marine plants in engineered environments that provide a clean and safe eco-system. Saltwater aquatic life as those that originate from oceans, seas, and reefs.

Freshwater Aquariums

Similar to saltwater aquariums, freshwater aquariums are designed to be environmentally safe for the types of aquatic life only found in freshwater. These types of aquatic life usually include those found in lakes and rivers. 

Aquarium life support

International Concept Management engineers some of the world’s largest aquariums. Doing so only means we need to be experienced in engineering and safety, but also in aquatic life. ICM wants our aquarium designs and the aquatic life inside them to be healthy, happy, and thriving. We strive to make sure the aquariums we build also have the best life support systems and maintenance available.

Our goal when Engineering an Aquarium's Life System

By following detailed schematics, construction, optimization and troubleshooting, we are able to achieve some of the most beautiful and healthiest public aquarium systems and designs.


We have a true turnkey process when it comes to individuals who want to invest in building a commercial public aquarium.

Commercial Aquarium design & engineering services

International Concept Management has designed custom commercial aquariums across the world. Contact us to schedule a consultation for your aquarium life support systems.