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‘Discovery Channel Shark Week’ Exhibit, Dubai

An embodiment of television’s longest running must-see summer TV event, this sensational addition to Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo was the world’s first official ‘Discovery Channel Shark Week’ exhibit. The exhibition brought the iconic TV franchise to life, providing visitors with glimpses into the fascinating world of sharks through a truly innovative and interactive experience. The exhibit featured digital technology entwined with living marine life, providing fresh new ways to showcase marine creatures.

The “Discovery Channel Shark Week” exhibit at Dubai Mall invited visitors into the incredible world of sharks in a truly innovative way that both educated and entertained. Celebrating its 28th anniversary year at the time, Shark Week is arguably one of Discovery Channel’s most iconic and talked-about program franchises. For years Shark Week has sought to show a different side of these mysterious creatures and educate audiences about their natural behaviors and habitats.

LOCATION:                    AREA:      

Dubai, UAE                   400 m2


Design & Engineering, Construction & Planning

The ‘Discovery Channel Shark Week’ exhibit ingeniously transported visitors into the extraordinary world of sharks, delivering an educational and entertaining experience. Marking its 28th anniversary, Shark Week stands as one of Discovery Channel’s most iconic and widely discussed program franchises. Over the years, Shark Week has consistently endeavored to unveil the lesser-known facets of these enigmatic creatures, enlightening audiences about their natural behaviors and habitats.

The success of such an iconic exhibit made it stand over the rest and is still inspiring visitors nowadays when accessing the Dubai Mall Aquarium in 2024. The whole addition by ICM is still alive nowadays and shark show still interactive due to the high quality materials used by ICM back then. 


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