Navigating Depths and Heights: ICM's Extraordinary Aquarium Project at Avia Park Shopping Center (Moscow, Russia)

Crafting the World's Tallest Cylindrical Aquarium

Moscow’s Aviapark became home to a remarkable feat of architectural ingenuity—the world’s tallest cylindrical aquarium, a master 6 meters in width, this acrylic marvel stands as the focal point of the mall, immersing visitors in a captivating underwater environment.

ICM’s involvement began with an intricate design process, aiming to seamlessly blend architectural brilliance with functional immersion. 

The aquarium, holding 370,000 liters of saltwater, has a central piece of wet-theming coral rock to host around more than 800 species.

Elevated the Retail Experience through Seamless Integration of Aquarium and Shopping

Back then, it inaugurated a new era in shopping experiences, the Aviapark shopping center’s aquarium, designed and built by ICM, takes center stage in Moscow’s state-of-the-art shopping center. ICM’s vision was not merely to create an aquarium but to craft an engaging experience that would serve as the mall’s centerpiece, seamlessly integrating architectural beauty with an immersive underwater environment.

Standing 21 meters tall and 6 meters in diameter, the record aquarium is a testament to ICM’s expertise in complex engineering and sophisticated designs.

ICM’s role extended beyond design to the comprehensive management of the aquarium’s installation. All the equipment related to the tank life support system was placed below the ground floor level becoming a challenging aquatic installation for our specialists. ICM also made a careful selection of the species and started operations and maintenance.

The Technical Marvels: Enhancing Visitor Interaction and Marine Realism.

Aviapark Aquarium Mall is a technical marvel, featuring thousands of artificial corals to create a realistic habitat for its 800 aquatic inhabitants. 

This wonder is still standing at the Mall a decade later and shows the expertise ICM has to build for our clients the most iconic and largest cylinders in the world. In this case, the tank is to be experienced from the outside view but after this one ICM also created others having internal views from a lift or other types of amusement activities which can enhance and make the visit a unique experience. 

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