ICM's Project Makes Waves on Social Media with Giant Inflatable Dragon

In a dazzling display of creativity and innovation, Moscow’s Aviapark Tank has become the talk of the town as ICM’s extraordinary cylindrical aquarium, already a landmark for its architectural brilliance, now boasts a whimsical addition that has captured the hearts of visitors and social media users alike.

Credit @ISagada Igorota via Facebook

The world’s tallest cylindrical aquarium (recognized by Guinness World Records since 2015), standing at a towering 21 meters and 6 meters in diameter, has become an internet sensation thanks to a giant inflatable dragon that descends from the top to the bottom of the cylindrical marvel.


Credit @kriskentiya via Instagram

The dragon covering the Aviapark Cylinder Aquarium, adorned in a riot of vibrant colors, has a cute and endearing face, turning the already spectacular aquarium into a visual delight.

ICM, the masterminds behind the unparalleled Cylindrical Aquarium, initially designed and constructed the record-setting structure to elevate the shopping experience at Aviapark Mall. The aquarium, a seamless integration of architectural beauty and underwater wonder, holds 370,000 liters of saltwater and features a wet-themed coral rock at its center, home to over 800 species.

A page in Vietnam has a post about this dragon. Source: Advertising lovers

However, it is the recent addition of the inflatable dragon that has set social media ablaze. Some Russian Instagram accounts seem interested, with images of the gigantic dragon, its catchy colors, and adorable appearance capturing the imagination of viewers. What was once a local marvel has now gone beyond borders, with the dragon’s charm spreading across international social media platforms.