A Timeless Welcome: ICM's Enduring Legacy at the Burj Al Arab

The Burj Al Arab Hotel, a global icon of luxury and architectural brilliance, proudly features two 250,000-liter aquariums in its main entrance lobby. The creation of these aquatic masterpieces was expertly handled by International Concept Management (ICM), the leader in building waterproof tanks and installing acrylics properly among other aquatic specialties.

The Aquariums: Jewels in the Lobby

Nestled within the grand entrance lobby of the renowned Burj Al Arab six-star Hotel, these two colossal 250,000-liter aquariums play a key role in welcoming guests and guiding them into the expansive main atrium. Housing a diverse population of fish, these aquariums add significant aesthetic value to the lobby while providing a mesmerizing visual experience and their maintenance people still know whose animals there are with them since the very beginning, others have been replaced over the years. The careful initial selection and the constant maintenance of their dedicated experts ensure a vibrant and sustainable aquatic ecosystem, reflecting ICM’s commitment to excellence and innovation in the 2000s and still today.

ICM’s Expertise in Acrylic Installation

The success of the Burj Al Arab Aquariums is a testament to ICM’s expertise in acrylic installation and aquarium management. Since their installation, there have been no issues reported with the acrylic panels, tanks, or overall functionality of the aquariums. This impeccable track record highlights ICM’s dedication to quality and precision in every project they undertake and that ICM is always surrounded by the right subcontractors which over the years have been even growing themselves into better and bigger companies, and we are proud of our role back then mentoring them.

Using the most modern technologies and materials, ICM ensures every project’s durability and clarity in the construction of the aquariums, providing visitors with an unobstructed view of the vibrant marine life when for example organizing theming or corals at the tanks or when placing pipes at the right places to avoid seeing them.

A Commitment to Excellence in the Region

ICM’s work at the Burj Al Arab is just one example of their outstanding regional contributions. Their portfolio includes numerous high-profile projects where they have consistently delivered exceptional results, earning them a reputation as a trusted leader in aquatic projects.

In addition to their technical expertise, ICM’s comprehensive approach to project management ensures that every aspect of the installation, from design to maintenance operations, is executed to the highest standards. This commitment to excellence has made ICM a preferred partner for luxury hotels, commercial spaces, and public aquariums across the Middle East and beyond.


For those looking to create captivating and durable aquatic environments, ICM stands out as the go-to expert, promising unparalleled quality and a track record of success. The Burj Al Arab aquariums are a shining example of what can be achieved when expertise and creativity come together, welcoming guests into a world of luxury and wonder from the moment they enter the hotel. 

Their flawless execution of the Burj Al Arab Aquariums project underscores their position as a leader in the field, continuing to inspire and impress with every project ICM undertakes.