Celebrating 30 Years: A Legacy of Innovation and Environmental Responsibility

As ICM celebrates three decades of aquatic excellence, its journey serves as a testament to innovation, environmental responsibility, and the creation of unforgettable aquatic experiences. The legacy forged over these years is not just a reflection of the past but a promise for a dynamic, visionary, and awe-inspiring future. Here’s to 30 years of aquatic mastery and the anticipation of more groundbreaking endeavors in the years ahead.

The First Decade (1994-2004): Pioneering Collaborations and Educational Landmarks

ICM’s inaugural decade marked a period of groundbreaking collaborations and transformative projects that set the stage for the company’s ethos. Notably, the partnership with Landry’s Inc. in Houston resulted in iconic landmarks such as Landry’s Aquarium Restaurant and the Houston Downtown Aquarium, elevating restaurant re-fit-outs to new heights.

Venturing into Las Vegas, ICM revolutionized the casino industry by introducing state-of-the-art aquariums at Mandalay Bay, Caesars Palace, and Harrah’s, ushering in a new era of entertainment. The company also extended its expertise to educational institutions, leaving a lasting impression by integrating a 58,000 L saltwater aquarium into the Cerritos Library in LA (2001-2004), marking the world’s first “Experience Library.”

The Second Decade (2004-2014): Architectural Marvels and World Records

ICM’s second decade witnessed a wave of architectural marvels and world records.

The Burj Al Arab Entrance Aquariums in Dubai became a symbol of grandeur and sophistication, while the Mardan Palace Swim Reef in Turkey showcased immersive aquatic environments.

Guinness World Records recognized ICM’s Aviapark Aquarium Mall in Moscow, featuring a 20.31-meter-tall cylindrical aquarium, and Aqua Dream Casablanca in the Morocco Mall, with its colossal acrylic structure.

The Third Decade (2014-2024): Odes to Aquatic Marvels and Global Collaborations

In the third decade, ICM continued to craft odes to aquatic marvels, setting new standards in innovation.The “Sincere Sea Star Aquarium” at Chongqing Starlight 68 Mall, designed by Aedas, exemplified the profound connection between humanity and the marine universe.

Collaborations with Rainforest Café spanned nine countries and four continents, creating immersive dining and retail spaces that merged thematic artworks, sculptures, animatronics, and tropical reef aquariums.

The Hamad Port Aquarium in Qatar marked a milestone as the country’s first-ever aquarium, combining captivating displays with interactive exhibits, creating an educational haven. Across Scheels Sporting Goods stores in the US, ICM’s 61,000-liter double-arched aquariums redefined retail, seamlessly blending commerce with enchantment.

Lotte World Aquarium Hanoi in Vietnam became another jewel, featuring over 67 exhibits, including a 2,000,000-liter main saltwater tank with a breathtaking curved acrylic window.

Meanwhile, Angkor Wildlife and Aquarium (AWA) in Siem Reap, Cambodia, stood as a testament to nature and fascination, housing thousands of animals across expansive marine and wildlife dimensions. Beyond awe-inspiring displays, AWA became a stronghold for education and conservation.