Sincere Sea Star Cylinder in Chongqing Celebrates Arrival of Baby Stingrays

In a remarkable achievement, the “Starry Ocean Underwater World” Tank in Chongqing (China) proudly welcomes baby stingrays into their expansive underwater realm. International Concept Management (ICM Corp), the visionary company behind one of China’s largest cylinder tank aquariums, designed, constructed, and operates the thriving aquatic environment. The successful birth of baby stingrays is a testament […]

ICM’s Aquatic Concrete Mastery: A Case Study in Structural Innovation

Pioneering Aquatic Concrete Excellence For over three decades, International Concept Management (ICM) has been at the forefront of aquatic concrete construction, showcasing unparalleled expertise in the design and engineering of aquariums and water-retaining concrete structures. This article delves into ICM’s extensive experience and innovative practices, focusing on a case study that exemplifies their commitment to […]

Story of Angkor Wildlife & Aquarium: A Conservation Oasis Amidst Temples of Angkor

From Redefining Siem Reap’s Landscape with Unique Wildlife Project International Concept Management (ICM) has unveiled an ambitious venture in the heart of Siem Reap, Cambodia, as it spearheads the development of the Angkor Wildlife and Aquarium destination. Known for their prowess in designing, engineering, and managing themed attractions and aquariums, ICM with this groundbreaking project […]