Hamad Port Visitor Center

Project Information

ICM designed and created the aquarium located at the Hamad Port Visitor Center. The purpose of the Hamad Port Visitor Center building, in which the aquarium is located, is to provide information and knowledge to Hamad Port visitors, as well as accommodation for educational activities, related to the Port operations, Port construction, and the history of maritime activities in Qatar.

The exhibits allow visitors to not only learn about the waters bordering Qatar but to explore and walk through them, thanks to the immersive experiences at the aquarium. Two long acrylic tunnels take visitors directly through the heart of the main exhibits, with a central area reserved for close-up observation of unique and fascinating species.

All exhibits in the facility are saltwater exhibits.

Size & Area Details

The total volume of the exhibit tanks is 1195 cubic meters of water. The largest tank contains 650m3 of water, with the second largest a close second at 495m3. A selection of other small and medium tanks contribute the difference to reach the total volume.

Fish and Animal Type

The facility proudly displays species from the gulf next to Qatar, bringing a rich variety of local species before the eyes of visitors.

The largest tank is designed as a “predator tank”, showcasing a range of sharks and rays, along with larger fish from the open waters. Highlights include Panther fish, Zebra sharks, Arabian carpet sharks, Honeycomb stingray, and Giant Shovelnose rays.

The second-largest tank is a bright “coral reef tank”, creating a diverse and colorful environment, teeming with marine life. Species include Arabian angelfish, Sohal surgeonfish, Regal tangs, and Red-Tailed Butterflyfish.

Other tanks include specialty species, including pufferfish, moray eels, mandarin fish, frogfish, stonefish, slipper lobsters, and cuttlefish.
The facility also has two touch tanks where visitors can get up close and personal with local species.

Filtration System Details

The Hamad Port Visitor Center operates on the principles of a closed filtration system. Seven separate filtration systems are specifically designed and built to house the wide variety of species at the aquarium. Only a small percentage of the filtered water is exchanged with new saltwater, contributing to the environmental responsibility of the building. Filtration system hydraulics are also specifically designed to minimize power consumption while maintaining a healthy and thriving aquatic environment.

Location: Doha, Qatar

Area: 1810m2 Liters

Divisions Utilized: Design & Engineering, Construction, Operations & Development

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