International Concept Management constructs, designs, and engineers large scale aquariums, with environmental safety in mind. When it comes to life support systems for aquariums/oceanariums, ICM uses the highest quality of technology available.

What are Oceanariums

The word oceanarium is derived from the combination of the words ocean and aquarium. Oceanariums are large-scale seawater aquariums used to display marine species that are kept for attraction exhibits and educational observation.


Oceanariums or Seaquariums are usually designed and built-in or near an ocean, bay, or river. They are designed to have expansive clear windows that provide maximum convenience when viewing the animals. 


They are designed to be big enough to house several types of sea animals including sharks and sawfish.


In Wall Aqariums

Some oceanariums are designed to look like a giant wall that makes the whole room glow in an ocean blue hue. Many commercial businesses, such as malls, hotels, and restaurants seek large in-wall aquarium designs.


Most Oceanariums are also designed with openings that can provide viewing on the aquatic animals from above. Some are also designed to have a coastal feel with walkways, ocean themes, rock work and landscaping around the openings.

Design Plan for Campo Grande Aquarium

Saltwater VS Freshwater

Saltwater Aquariums
Saltwater marine aquariums are beautiful and colorful renditions of what the ocean looks like. Using a variation of rocks, plants and sands provide a natural ocean glow. Saltwater fish originate from oceans, seas, and reefs with grouping and independent behaviors.

Freshwater Aquariums
Freshwater tropical aquariums are colorful and natural displays. Freshwater fish originate from lakes and rivers, ranging in size, species, and character. When paired correctly, diverse and interesting environments are created.

Aqariums in a Restaurant

Not only have we built large-scale oceanariums in aquarium parks, theme parks, and malls, but International Concept Management has also built oceanariums in restaurants!

Aquarium restaurants provide both an elegant and natural feel while eating in luxury. International Concept Management is responsible for designing and constructing several large aquariums inside restaurants, casinos, and hotels.

Burj Al Arab Hotel Aquarium Restaurant

Oceanarium design & engineering services

International Concept Management has designed custom commercial aquariums across the world. Contact us to schedule a consultation for your aquarium life support systems.

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