Aquarium Services

Aquarium Specialty Works

Our Turnkey Project Approach

As a part of our turnkey process, we provide comprehensive aquarium services that are necessary to get your project up and running. Because of a wide variety of past projects, our team is the leading expert in themed attraction and aquarium specialty works. ICM can customize these services to fit your specific needs.

Exhibitry Theming

Concrete Coatings

FRP tanks and shapes

Themed Attractions

Specialty Lighting Systems

Animal Encounters

Interactive Technology

Design and engineering

Imagination by Design


At ICM Design & Engineering, our team pushes the boundaries of creativity to produce impressive living art through interaction, education, and entertainment. ICM’s team of architects, engineers, and graphic designers leverage the latest in design and engineering so that our aquarium services and designs virtually eliminate boundaries, creating views that inspire awe among visitors, turn venues into destinations, and add value for their owners.

Using our proven approach and an overwhelming desire to push the limits, our talented designers and engineers don’t just explore what is possible – we redefine it.

Our Services

+ Idea Creation
+ Schematic Design & Development
+ Specialty Engineering



two men in construction gear looking at construction plans


ICM Construction is a leading construction firm operating within the niche markets of themed and attraction-based projects. With the capabilities of our Asia-based Design & Engineering Division and a team of the world’s leading construction experts, ICM Construction is able to execute aquarium services and designs once deemed impossible and complete state-of-the-art projects for high-profile clients around the globe.

Our experience working in diverse regions allows us to accept challenging projects that require creative thinking — and our strategic approach places us in the front of our industry at providing value to our clients.

Our Services

+ Pre-Construction
+ Procurement
+ Site Works

Operations and development

create. inspire. learn.

Educational tour of aquariums and aquatic life


ICM Operations & Development owns and operates multiple themed attractions and aquariums worldwide. ICM Development strives to educate while we entertain, and inspire while we provide our guests with a memorable experience.

As a part of ICM’s turnkey approach, we also offer ongoing operation and aquarium services. ICM’s involvement in the operations of a project helps to ensure the protection of the client’s investment and the creatures that live within.

With over 40 years of experience, our diverse team of experts, including aquarists, curators, biologists, and aquarium managers have developed the ability to maintain top quality facilities and provide our animals with

care that is second to none.

ICM can also assist in the branding and marketing of your aquarium or themed attraction.  Driving attendance and revenue is key and our marketing and branding efforts can assist in the design and establishment of the brand.

Our Services

+ Animal Sourcing
+ Commissioning
+ Branding & Commercialization

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