Burj-Al-Arab Hotel

Burj-Al-Arab Hotel Aquarium

The Burj-Al-Arab Hotel was named the first seven-star luxury hotel of its kind. Enhancing the spectacular ambiance, are three breathtaking aquariums designed and built by ICM. The largest aquarium the Burj-Al-Arab Hotel Aquarium, measures 13 meters long by 7.5 meters wide, is a stunning shark tank located in the hotel’s world-class restaurant.

Avia Park Mall

Custom Aquariums - Avia Park

The Avia Park aquarium is the tallest cylinder aquarium in the world, with the acrylic measuring at a staggering height of 23 meters and a diameter of 6 meters. Avia Park is the largest mall in Europe, located in Moscow, Russia. The complex is four stories tall, with the world-class aquarium viewable from all four […]


AquaMundo, located in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, is an original concept, designed and built by ICM. AquaMundo was specifically created for a shopping center, to provide a unique experience for mall visitors. The aquarium features 72 exhibits in seven different themed zones. Aquamundo is the first aquarium in the Dominican Republic that is geared toward […]



Aquadream, the world’s first conical aquarium designed and built for the luxurious Morocco Mall, gives shoppers a real-live look at nearly 3,000 saltwater fish, including sharks and rays. The largest acrylic structure of its type, Aquadream is 9.3 meters tall by 13.4 meters wide. The unique and large scale design of Aquadream enables guests to […]



Standing at over 16 meters in height by 11 meters in diameter, the AquaDom aquarium holds nearly 1,000,000 liters of water and more than 100 different species of fish. As the AquaDom’s glass elevator ascends the center of the cylinder, visitors are surrounded by more than 2,000 fish, as well as colorful coral and rock […]