Cylinder Aquariums

We Build Some of the Worlds Largest Cylinder Aquariums

Cylinder Aquariums are known for being anywhere around 3 feet to 10 feet tall. However, our new cylindrical aquarium boasting 24 meters tall that dwarfs any competition. The grand central piece of the new Oceania Mall based in Moscow, Russia.


We designed the aquarium to be engaging and serve as not just a piece, but an experience to shoppers as if they are underwater.

Featured: Oceania Mall Cylinder Aquarium

This beastly 24 meters tall and 10 meters wide would put all cylinder aquariums to shame. Contains about 900,000 liters of saltwater. We at ICM like to push the limit of creativity by adding viewing portholes at the bottom and a tunnel that visitors take while on the elevator to the top floor of the mall.

ICM designed, commissioned, and built the aquarium entirely. Over fifty-six total pieces were built. Most of the pieces had to be bonded during winter in Russia. The entire project took about fifteen months.

Over 3,200 artificial corals are carefully put inside the tank to make an environment for the aquatic animals living inside. Having the tallest hydraulic elevator will bring guests face-to-face with all different species such as sharks, rays, and fish. Which any guest at the mall can enjoy!

Cylinder Aquarium

Cylinder Aquarium Construction

Usually how we go about doing this construction and really any construction is planning. Planning can save thousands of dollars in the long term. We start with your vision and get a taste of what you would like to see. Then we have our artists sketch up some designs and make 3d visuals so you can get a grasp of what the Aquarium would look like in real life while doing all planning and engineering before we ever set on a construction site.


Construction then begins with bids and contracting the right people and sites. We do the fabrication and civil works so that everything is legal and code correctly. Next is on-site construction and once we finished you will be all set to go.

oceania mall aquarium

Cylinder Aquarium design & engineering services

International Concept Management has designed custom commercial aquariums across the world. Contact us to schedule a consultation for your aquarium life support systems.