Commercial Aquariums

We help define your commercial space with creative aquarium engineering and architecture

ICM’s divisions work under one roof to provide clients with a true “Turnkey Project Approach.” ICM is capable of taking a project from the very beginning stages of concept design, all the way through construction and facility operations. Giving you a fully functional commercial aquarium.

What are Commercial Aquariums?

Commercial aquariums are beautiful displays of natural freshwater or sea water life that are incorporated into public areas, such as restaurants, hotels, shopping centers, malls, zoos, and stadiums.

Commercial aquariums are perfect for vamping up a business or open space by creating a relaxing and beautiful environment for visitors and employees.

Aquariums add the x-factor to your city and town as well.

Custom Commercial Aquariums

At International Concept Management (ICM), our engineers create large-scale commercial aquariums that stand out from the rest. ICM is a world leading firm with the capabilities of services ranging from design and engineering, construction management, operations and development of themed attractions and custom aquarium design and systems.

Each commercial aquarium is designed with the imagination of creative and architectural minded engineers. Using unique techniques, innovative methods and ideas, ICM creates projects that are both stunning and spectacular. For over 20 years, ICM has made its mark in over 20 countries; being known as more than just great designers, but also for the ability to create and build large-scale commercial aquariums.

At ICM, our projects are deep blue; our commitment green. While we approach every project with an eye toward the innovative, our unwavering respect for animal life – and the environment in general – always remains top of mind.

Commercial Aquarium design & engineering services

International Concept Management has designed custom commercial aquariums across the world. Contact us to schedule a consultation for your commercial aquarium.