Acrylic Viewing Windows

Types of Acrylic Viewing Windows for Custom Aquariums

International Concept Management constructs, designs, and engineers large scale aquariums, with environmental safety in mind. Learn about the types of acrylic viewing windows that have been used in some of our aquarium designs.

Submerged Windows

To begin the process, the correct preparation of viewing panels is an essential prerequisite of large-scale glazing. This can often be quite challenging for designers and developers.

You can trust ICM with the entire process, including structural engineering calculations, giving you a single source solution with the benefits of experience in the acrylic viewing windows. There is no size that we cannot make or fabricate as we have made some of the biggest custom acrylic glass aquariums in the world!

Our large scale glass panels are individually made to order and can be configured to any duties encountered. We take pride and ensure that our windows are safe to use from your local aquarium to an oceanarium.

Acrylic Tunnel Aquariums

A acrylic tunnel for both dry and wet applications can be formed and fabricated in all kinds of material gauges and dimensions to suit the most daring and ambitious concepts. You can bet that people will be talking about your aquarium for years to come. The applications for this type of viewing panel is limited only by your imagination.

Cylinder Aquarium

Cylindrical displays are often the first choice of a designer. This centerpiece maximizes and delivers great value for money in providing 360-degree viewing opportunities from one investment. We fabricate and build our own cylinders to any specifications that you require for your cylinder aquarium.

Acrylic Hemisphere Windows

Acrylic hemispheres are strong structures so they are suited for unusual glazed views into deep aquarium displays. The use of formed acrylic panels often answers both structural and aesthetic demands. They tend to offer a far more cost-effective answer the regular panels. They are just as fun for the kids as they are for adults and will add an extra flair to your aquarium.

We offer a wide range of acrylic windows and we can fabricate and install any design you wish as we have the experience to take on any task you wish to get done.

Acrylic Aquarium design & engineering services

International Concept Management has designed custom commercial aquariums across the world. Contact us to schedule a consultation for your aquarium life support systems.