ICM has now designed and built six aquariums for Scheels All Sports, “a leader in shoppertainment.” 40,000 guests arrived at the grand opening of Scheels in Johnstown, Colorado to check out the new 250,000 square foot building.

The store features a collection of entertainment venues and more than 85 specialty shops and boutiques. The main attractions, a 65-foot Ferris wheel and a 16,000-gallon aquarium, designed and built by ICM, have become staples in every Scheels store.

ICM designed each freestanding aquarium to fit precisely in the entrance. The result is a double-arched aquarium supported by three massive clear acrylic pillars, so guests can get up close and personal with the divers, fish, and coral.

The Scheels aquariums are already a huge success, attracting visitors everyday for the live feedings with interactive scuba divers. Inside the aquarium, decorative rockwork and theming replicate a coral reef habitat for nearly 650 fish species.

“We try to create an experience in the store that’s different,” said Mark Knudson, store leader of the Johnstown Scheels. “We want to sell fun, not products.”

Scheels is opening a new store in Lincoln, Nebraska in 2018. ICM will design and build another aquarium to ensure the fun continues!