International Concept Management (ICM) has designed and constructed five aquariums for Scheels All Sports, “the Disneyland of sporting goods stores.” This year ICM will add number six to their project portfolio – a massive new store in Johnstown, Colorado.

Shoppers at the Scheels stores are greeted by something a bit out of the ordinary: a crystal clear 61,000-liter double-arched aquarium. ICM custom built each freestanding aquarium to fit precisely in the entrance. The result is a double-arched aquarium supported by three massive clear acrylic pillars, all designed, fabricated, and installed within a six-month time frame.

The Scheels aquariums are already a huge success, attracting visitors everyday for the live feedings with interactive scuba divers. Inside the aquarium, decorative rockwork and theming replicate a coral reef habitat for nearly 650 fish species.

The latest Scheels store in Overland, Kansas features an ICM aquarium, a ferris wheel, and sports simulators. The new store in Johnstown won’t disappoint either – the huge 250,000 square foot building will be a “retail shopping adventure” Steve Scheel, Scheel chairman said. Adding  an aquarium the store in Johnstown will be the second largest sporting goods store in the country.

ICM presented a keynote speech at the BG & H Retail Conference about the growing trend of incorporating entertainment in shopping centers. ICM’s CEO discusses how to differentiate from the competition and extend visitation time. Visit our website or facebook page to see the video.