Aquatic Life Support

Aquatic Life Support

Aquatic life support can be a little hard to describe. Mainly it is the system that keeps the aquatic life alive and breathing. Let’s dive deeper into the main three types of filtration systems which are Biologic, Mechanical, and Chemical filtration.

Biologic Filtration

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Biologic filtration removes harmful gasses from the aquatic life support system. Water animals excrete ammonia via diffusion across the gill epithelium. The system provides a massive surface area of a substrate to nitrifying bacteria. Bacteria accelerates under nitrogenous compounds which in turn keep the harmful nitrogen out of the system.

Mechanical Water Filters

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Mechanical filters are the first priority in system design. Mechanical filters receive water that is leaving the aquarium that houses aquatic animals. With the job of removing large matter before water comes into contact with the biologic filter. Clogging of the biofilter results in a channeling and development of anoxic areas the will compromise the whole system.

Chemical Water Filters

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Chemical filters are the best option to treat the water. Active carbon is commonly used to remove colored compounds and toxins from aquarium water and can also be placed on the inflowing water to remove any harmful chemicals from city water. Chemical filters can also be used can be used to remove any chemicals we have used before it is discharged to the sewers.

As we are a custom aquarium building these are all subject to change on what ones you need or how many types of filter you made need depending on your project. If you need more info you can contact us here!